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  • Alışveriş sepetinizde ürün yok.
  • Öneri
  • Alışveriş sepetinizde ürün yok.

    About Us


    Stykey is the fruit of more than 10 years of investment experiences in the Turkish market, when we found that there was a wonderful opportunity in selling and exporting Turkish products and brands, especially with the depreciation of the Turkish currency, which gave the advantage to Turkish products to be cheaper than their competing counterparts in other countries .
    So the idea of ​​stykey, whose name is derived from (style of Turkey), came to be the electronic platform thar is specialized in selling original Turkish products and brands outside Turkey, and a distinguished team was formed from several experiences that worked distinctly in the e-commerce sector and its supporting sectors, and the team consists of several Nationalities and cultures to provide all services to you with the highest level of professionalism and to accept the challenge of establishing the best electronic platform specialized in selling Turkish products and brands.
    The stykey team carries out several professional operations to provide a distinct online shopping experience and starts from choosing the brand that produces distinct products and then processing and translating them to display them on our electronic platforms and then they are covered through our social media channels and finally preparing and sending the costumers orders To you on a daily basis through multiple options with multiple shipping companies to provide the customer with a premium experience.
    Stykey is the best online platform specialized in Turkish products and brands.

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