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    What should be included in your Dressing Table?

    What should be included in your Dressing Table?

    Your dressing table is probably the first thing you look at in the morning so it is important to give it some attention. If your dressing table is messy, it will be frustrating to find what you're looking for. With lipsticks, hair accessories, and eyeshadow palettes rolling everywhere, it can be tough to keep your dressing table organized.


    What should be included in your dressing table? A mirror and storage space to organize your things. If your cosmetics and makeup are lying around out of order, you will need some help to convert your dressing area into a glamorous, feminine sanctuary.


    You can't do your makeup properly if your dressing table has poor or dim lighting. Your lighting should be warm and symmetrical so you can do your makeup with precision. The lights switch should be easy to reach with the cable behind the table.


    Your dressing table should have a big mirror with a small zoom mirror so you can do your makeup. Of course, the large mirror is the centerpiece of the dressing table and there shouldn't be anything present to block the frontal view of the mirror.

    Makeup Storage

    Without a doubt, it is not fun to search every day for your makeup brush, especially if you're late for work or a special event. That's why it is important to keep makeup organizers with different sections to keep your lipsticks, palettes, nail polish, cosmetics, and more. Having a clear view of your stuff will help you mix and match easily and save time. This is a great addition to your dressing table, especially if your collection grows.

    Makeup Brush Holder

    You're using these brushes on your face so it is important to keep them clean and in good condition. Try not to push your brushes or lose them in the depths of your cosmetics bag. There are many styles and shapes so you can choose what suits your dressing table.

    Jewelry Storage Box

    You know what is the worst? Looking for a specific necklace and you find it tangled in knots. If you have a large collection of jewelry, it is better to get a box or jewelry tree to display your pieces neatly. You can get a box for your earrings and a ring holder for your rings. That way you don't lose anything and keep everything in front of your eyes.


    How to organize your dressing table?

    •        Remove all your items from the drawers and boxes on the dressing table
    •        Clean the entire dressing table
    •        Place the new boxes, holders, and organizers
    •        Arrange your items in the right boxes
    •        Make sure that everything is on display and can be easily reached
    •        Remove any distractions, tissues, or unneeded items
    •        Pull your chair and get ready for your day


    When your dressing table is well-organized, clean, and neat, it is easier to get ready in the morning, saving much time and effort. However, you need to make sure that you put everything back in its place so all your efforts won't be in vain. If you want to buy the best organizers for your dressing table, check our quality products on STYKEY and you will find an amazing variety to choose from.


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