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    What is the stykey e-commerce platform? about stykey?

    What is the stykey e-commerce platform? about stykey?  Turkish products attracted the world's attention due to their quality and craftsmanship, whether clothing, furnishings, or cooking utensils and kitchen tools.  That is what we provide at the stykey e-commerce platform.

    What is the stykey e-commerce platform? about stykey?


    Turkish products attracted the world's attention due to their quality and craftsmanship, whether clothing, furnishings, or cooking utensils and kitchen tools.

    That is what we provide at the stykey e-commerce platform.

    Turkish goods are one of the most high-quality goods in manufacturing and are characterized by accuracy and high-end taste, there is a big variety of Turkish products that suit the style of everyone.

    Turkey has more than one advantage that directly affects the diversity of Turkish products and their high taste.

    The first is the ancient civilizations that passed through Turkey and influenced the Turkish people in choosing colors and styles. Turkey's unique location near Europe makes some products modern and practical while retaining the high taste that appears in the finest detail.

    Turkey is also one of the most important industrialized countries in modern times. The government tends to support large and small industries. This directly reflects on the cost of manufacturing and makes it reasonably low in terms of the quality provided. The workforce is large, allowing the manufacture of large quantities covering the internal need and also allowing export to other countries which makes turkey in the first grades of the exporter of many products because of their quality, price, accuracy, and high taste.


    People are shying away from buying any Turkish-made product, and there are many attempts to import different Turkish goods and products, whether for personal use or for trading because their prices are very competitive for their quality compared to those of other products.


    Unfortunately, the import of Turkish goods, especially for personal use, has encountered many problems for several reasons, the most important of which are the Turkish language, the shipping process, and the calculation of the customs cost, taxes, and VAT imposed on the goods.


    What problems do both consumers and traders face when importing from Turkey?


    At the average consumer level, the most important  problems face you are:

    • The problem of language. Most Turkish sites do not support English or Arabic.

    • The other problem is shipping, the customer doesn't know the best way to ship the products, nor how long you need to arrive.

    • Another problem is customs imposed on goods when imported that the customer cannot identify and sometimes the cost of taxes and VAT equals the value of the product itself which makes the cost very high.


    At the merchants' level, they also face many obstacles, including:

    • Language.

    • Not knowing which suppliers offer suitable prices and retain the standard quality of the product.

    • Also the problem of shipping and customs imposed on goods.


    Finding an easy-to-use site that supports the Arabic language and other languages was therefore the solution we seek to offer customers and merchants to make it easier for them to get different Turkish goods at appropriate prices and in an easy way.


    The goal of setting up the stykey e-commerce website?

    We launched our website dedicated to importing various Turkish products of clothing, shoes, cosmetics, hair and skin care products, kitchenware, cooking utensils, furnishings, and many other products that Turkey is renowned for manufacturing at a high quality and affordable price and supplying to different countries of the world.

    What is the stykey platform?

    Stykey Online shopping website is not just an e-commerce platform. We are an integrated team that works hard to provide the best service to the customer.

    Our website name is abbreviated for the style of turkey. This is what we seek to provide to our customers. Shopping and getting Turkish goods is as easy as if you are on the streets of Istanbul you can choose from hundreds but thousands of different products. You can also shop for clothes, shoes, accessories, cooking utensils, and food products all from one place saving much in the cost of shipping.

    And how does stykey work?


    1. We start by helping the customer first to choose the right type of product for his business, we offer him a lot of options and prices to choose the best of them.

    2. Then we look for suppliers for the goods chosen by the customer and select the best supplier in terms of product quality, price, delivery speed, and credibility.

    3. We can also contact some Turkish factories if you want to manufacture a product with certain specifications.

    4. We discuss the price and negotiate to reach the best deal.

    5. The site also supports many languages, including Arabic, to avoid the problem of not knowing Turkish.

    6. At each step, a member of our team follows the customer to inform him of all processes and also helps him to choose the appropriate shipping method and the date of arrival and receipt of the shipment.


    What are the best and cheapest methods to import from Turkey?


    One of the most popular Turkish goods that are in great demand at the present time is clothing whether women's or children's clothing because of its quality and competitive prices in terms of quality. Turkey offers many kinds of clothing and is famous for its elegant night clothing and modern clothing. Casual, sportswear, dresses, and modest clothes that suit veiled women and simultaneously keep pace with the world's latest fashion trends.

    The second most popular type of merchandise is kitchen and table appliances.

    Next comes furnishings and some food products such as nuts, coffee, and spices.

    Stykey's special services:

    As mentioned above, we are not just an e-commerce platform for the sale of Turkish products. We strive to provide an integrated service to the customer at the level of both personal shopping and wholesalers. We also offer some other distinctive services, the most important of which are:


    1. Placing a special label on the name of the company on some Turkish products helps you to import it under the name of your company, first being its exclusive agent. It also helps in the formation of your company identity and further expansion of your business in the market.

    2. We assist you in calculating the cost of shipment including freight and customs expenses. There is no additional unexpected cost.

    3. The refund policy is done very easily and you can get your money back within a short period of time.

    4. stykey is one of the Joint Gulf Cooperative Companies (GCC) so by cooperating with us you can benefit from many advantages of customs and price facilitation.


    How can you finally use the stykey e-commerce website and how to communicate with us?

    stykey is an easy-to-use platform as we provide an app that you can download and communicate with us through it.

    All you need to do is access the site and follow the best offers, choose your favorite pieces and upload their photos or add the link to them in the designated place.

    Then enter your contact details to determine the shipping method you prefer.

    Then wait for your order to arrive as soon as possible.

    You can also track your order by knowing the stages of delivery to your doorstep.

    Our mission is to make you shop like you are on the streets of Istanbul... Many choices... Best prices and deals... no unexpected extra expenses... We help you calculate the value of your order including customs and shipping

    Your order will get you to your door as soon as possible.


    So don't miss the opportunity to collaborate with us and expand your business in the market and make a lot of profits.

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