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    what do you need to know before you start trading from Turkey ?

    Steps you need to follow before starting trading in turkey

    Follow this guide before importing goods from Turkey.


    If you are importing from Turkey there are certain legal regulations that you must abide by before importing goods from Turkey. The Turkish government has regulations set up to protect the rights of Turkish citizens. The regulations are designed to ensure fair trade between Turkey and other countries. Compliance with the regulations is a must before shipping goods between Turkey and other countries. This blog will guide you on how to comply with these regulations when importing goods from Turkey.


    Turkey is a popular destination for business owners and investors looking to import goods. It is both a major producer and consumer of food, textiles, and electronics in particular. Turkey also makes it easy and convenient for European or North American retailers to do business there since Turkey is conveniently close to Europe which makes shipping times quick, efficient, and cost-effective.

    Steps you need to follow before starting trading in turkey :


    • In order to import goods from Turkey, a business first needs to obtain a Turkish import license through the Ministry of Economy.

    Once this is done, it is time for businesses to make sure that all necessary paperwork is in place and choose one of our reputable shipping companies in order to ship the cargo by sea or air.


    • Second, businesses should be aware of the customs regulations within Turkey.

                All Turkish imports need to be declared and therefore taxes must be paid. 


    • Shipping from Turkey can be arranged famously with the help of Turkish embassies who take care of the duty, tax, insurance, and transportation through international shipping lines.


    Why turkey is considered an attractive market for investors?


    As an incentive for new businesses, the Turkish government offers a number of financial benefits that can offset some costs associated with establishing and running a business. Turkey has a growing economy and low cost of labour, which have made it an attractive market for foreign investors. The country is also in talks with the European Union about a free trade agreement.

    What are the country’s regulations you must be aware of when you start your business in turkey?


    If your company will be importing goods into Turkey for either business or personal use, it is important to make sure you are aware of the country's customs regulations. 


    • Regulations vary depending on the type of good and its intended use so consulting someone with some expertise in this matter might help you out one way or another.

    • Furthermore, it is important to know that especially if you are planning to export goods from Turkey that there are many things that businesses need to comply with.

    • It is important to acknowledge that the customs and trade laws in Turkey are strict, and you will require appropriate permits for a number of goods you may be importing into or exporting out of the country. 

    • Turkey is part of The World Trade Organization (WTO) along with several other countries; this has allowed smaller businesses to benefit from reduced tariffs on certain goods they may be importing or exporting.

    • When importing from Turkey, be aware of import taxes in the country. If a business imports goods from Turkey and sells them domestically, there is an 18% VAT tax that must be paid on the value of the imported goods. All other items are subject to a general 5% customs duty.


    We want to ask you to always keep an eye on your local market conditions. Always do your research and understand the regional markets before jumping into business ventures in Turkey. 


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