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    5 Traditional Turkish Food You Should Be Trying Out

    5 Traditional Turkish Food You Should Be Trying Out

    If you want to go to a country that promises a memorable and stimulating foodie experience, think Turkey. No, not the bird, but the actual country! Turkey is one of the most popular places foodies love to go to and enjoy some amazing dishes not found anywhere else on earth. Their food is described as an iteration and continuation of the cuisine found in the Ottoman Empire, fusing Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Eastern European, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines to create the dishes we know and love today. As such, if you are looking to enjoy excellent foods, Turkish dishes have got you covered. 

    That being said, if you are wondering what traditional Turkish food you should be trying out to enjoy the best the country has to offer, here are the dishes to try out:

    1. Meze

    The word Meze stands for "appetizer," and when partaking in Meze, you'll get to enjoy various small dishes that are treated as appetizers. These appetizers can consist of various things like purees, salads, meatballs, cheeses, and the like. Because they're appetizers, they're treated like snacks, and in most restaurants or stalls you go to in Turkey, you'll find these snacks served.

    2. Simit

    If you were to find yourself at a red street food cart, you'd get to taste something known as Simit. Simit is a bagel-like bread covered with sesame seed that's popular as a snack. If you were looking for something chewy and crunchy to snack on during your food adventures, give Sumit a try!

    3. Leblebi

    Another street food you can keep an eye out for is the Leblebi. It is essentially roasted chickpeas that can either be plain or seasoned with various things like salt, cloves, and hot spices. This snack is typically found in areas like Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan, but it is also prevalent right here in Turkey.

    4. Durum

    Durum is a type of wrap filled with kebab ingredients and is one of the most popular Turkish street food you'll ever find. Anywhere you go in Turkey, you'll find Durum sold, and there's a good reason for this. Durum is one of the tastiest food you can find here, and we promise that you will quickly come to love it.

    5. Kofte

    In its simplest form, Kofte is minced or ground meat mixed thoroughly with herbs, spices, and onions. You'll typically find Kofte in the forms of meatballs and even meatloaf dishes, usually as part of Turkish cuisine. The amazing thing about Kofte is that, despite its simplicity, there are hundreds of varieties you can find. They can even be cooked differently, ensuring that your tastebuds will always have something new to experience every time you try Kofte!


    There are tons of other Turkish cuisines you can give a go and will find when you visit Turkey, such as Menemen, Salep, Sambali, and more. Regardless, don't be afraid to try out the food items once you get there. Some may look intimidating, but we promise you that they will all taste amazing. From desserts and snacks to main courses and more, Turkey has all sorts of foods ready to satisfy your tastebuds, and if you're a foodie looking for the ultimate adventure, Turkey should be your next stop.

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