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    Trendy styles to make you look chic in summer 2022

    Trendy styles to make you look chic in summer 2022


    Trendy styles to make you look chic in summer 2022


    What are the most trendy styles for summer 2022? 

    Below are the top fashion trends that you can expect to see a lot during the summer of 2022:

    • Fan of bright shades and loud colours? You don't need to look further than our best-selling designer collection of bold fashion shirts to find inspiration. Popular additions like neon fuchsia, yellow, orange, and purple - all of which were inspired by this summer's hot temperatures - will help you develop your style at work or at play.

    • Prints: All prints are currently in vogue. And they will be again in 2022 because people have grown to love them throughout this time.

    •  Floral patterns will continue to be a big hit throughout 2022, no matter whether you're talking about dresses, coats, or even swimwear and beachwear collections!.

    •  Retro styles are another favourite that is still as strong as ever today (our findings show that 22% of clothing sales have been brought on by retro styles). They'll probably remain a hit for the next season that is fast approaching too.

    •  From baggy denim and wide-leg trousers or just a basic polo tee, these kinds of kicks are perfect for everyone.

    •  Trendy yet casual: Comfortable clothing that keeps you cool and allows freedom of movement will be key in summer 2022, as people want to feel comfortable without compromising on style. 

    •   The polka-dot pattern is still trending this year too, it has never been out of the fashion race and looks set to stay trendy for a long time - you should definitely have some patterned items in your wardrobe!

    •  Gingham print is also moving away from being just a dinner tablecloth option! It's only fashionable now to add gingham prints on t-shirts, shirts, jumpers, and more.

    • The trend this summer is also to get shorter hemlines on certain pieces of apparel as well as embellishments or toy-like designs with puffy sleeves and ballooned sleeves, which can be found on blouses and dresses.


    Look for clothing with interesting patterns or pieces with floral prints that can be easily paired with something basic, like a plain top and jeans or capris, or a dress to keep cool during the hotter weather (a trend we have seen here in Scotland this year called color pop - wear a different colored shade over your clothes for an interesting look).


    Summer means wearing minimal clothing that helps keep you cooler, so this apparel makes sense for the season.


    Summertime is about letting loose, feeling good, and enjoying the sun with friends. That’s why emerging fashion designers are looking for ways to tap into the energy behind this happy season.


    Summer is almost upon us yet again and with it comes our favourite season of the year - spring! As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, one of our favourite things to do each summer is to bring our personal style up a notch by dressing in nothing but what we love.


    This is a summer where you can have fun with your fashion and try out some new things. There are many possible options and the ways to personalize your style are unlimited.


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