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    Top 4 Reasons to Wear a Burkini When You’re Swimming

    Top 4 Reasons to Wear a Burkini When You’re Swimming

    Women who practice the teachings of the Quran dress very modestly. Although they might want to partake in various water activities, regular swimsuits would not comply with their beliefs. That is why the creation of the burkini is such a revolutionary move in favor of Islam women. Burkinis allow these ladies to enjoy various water activities while still being able to observe their religious practices.

    A burkini is a great garment that can provide coverage and make you look incredibly stylish while you’re swimming. Although they are not as popular as regular swimsuits, this type of clothing has a lot of benefits, particularly some that are relevant in the new age:

    1. Spend Less on Sunscreen and Hair Removal

    Nothing quite beats burkini coverage when you’re trying to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. When you’re out and about, trying to have some fun in the water, you want to make sure that your skin is well protected from UV rays. With your burkini, you don’t have to worry about that. All you need to do is buy a little tube of sunscreen for any part of your body that is exposed.

    Another advantage of wearing a burkini when you’re swimming is that you don’t have to worry about hair removal. Compared to women who wear bikinis and have most of their bodies exposed, those who wear burkinis don’t have to feel pressured to be subject to hair removal. After all, most of your skin will not be exposed. Imagine all the money you’ll save from less sunscreen and no hair removal treatments!

    2. There Are Many Styles to Choose From

    Some people think that there are limited fashionable choices when it comes to burkinis. Well, to those that think that way, you can easily prove them wrong. There are tons of designs out there that bring out the beauty and versatility of burkinis. From various styles to a wide selection of colors, there’s no shortage for you to choose from. With just a simple search online, you will see how many fashionable looks you can do with the ever-wonderful burkini.

    3. Emphasize That Women Are Free to Be Diverse

    Some people still think that when on the beach or in a pool, swimsuits are the only acceptable clothing for women. But that isn’t exactly the case. There are many beautiful and diverse cultures and beliefs around the world, including Islam. And, as mentioned before, the women from this faith follow certain teachings when it comes to the way they dress. By sporting a burkini, you can emphasize that it’s alright to be different.

    4. Embrace the Freedom to Wear What You Want

    In this day and age, women are supposed to be free to wear whatever they want, though not everyone thinks the same way. But times are changing, and so should we. The freedom to choose what we want to wear extends to if we wish to opt for something traditional or modern. Wearing a burkini is a subtle yet effective way to show that you are embracing your right to wear what you want when you want to.


    Burkinis are an excellent addition to your wardrobe, especially if you’re the type who loves going out for a swim. You don’t have to be afraid of embracing your culture and doing the things you love at the same time. If you plan on adding more fashionable burkinis and other women’s clothing into your closet, then we have exactly what you need.

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