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    The Best Intermediary between your Business & Turkish Factories

    Do you want to import certain products from Turkey? Do you want products to be specially made for your business?

    STYKEY is the best intermediary between your business and Turkish factories, focusing on quality and pricing. Stykey is derived from "Style of Turkey." Our business has gained an impeccable reputation due to its 10 years of experience in the Turkish market, selling original Turkish products and brands outside the country. And, our long years of experience have helped us to leverage our relationships and connections to find the best products in the market

     Our team consists of three departments; customer support, category, and logistics, and each member is experienced in their field. The customer service team is responsible for communicating with our customers, answering their questions, solving their issues, and following up with them. As for the category department, they handle all the negotiations and ensure they get the best quality for the best price, and monitor all the manufacturing processes. Our logistics department is responsible for shipping and getting the best service in terms of price and efficiency. We deal with multiple shipping companies to provide our clients with the best possible experience, no matter their place in the world.


    So, how does Stykey work?


    We choose original brands that produce amazing products, display them on our social media channels, and prepare our customers' orders. If our customers have specific brands in mind or want products to be specially made for their business, we handle this too. We communicate with the Turkish factories, handle the manufacturing operation, and ensure that the product follows the specifications that have been agreed upon.



    Our services are not limited to exporting Turkish products but we also open the door for foreign businesses to operate in the Turkish market. So, if you want to take your business to Turkey and boost your sales, Stykey will help you to succeed in this transition, leveraging our endless connections. 

    Why Choose Stykey?

    •          We research the market and find the best products in terms of quality and price
    •          We have a long list of connections when it comes to Turkish factories and shipping companies
    •          We have the best customer support team who can assist you any time of the day
    •          We have the best category team who can get you the products you need at the best possible price
    •          We negotiate on your behalf and handle all the complicated processes for you, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction
    •          We follow the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and trust and that's how we build our long-term partnerships with our clients
    •          We have a strict shipping process to ensure that the products arrive in the target market in the same condition as they left
    •          We are always available to solve our clients' issues and answer their questions
    •          We provide consultation services to help our clients get the best products in the market



    Due to some limitations and restrictions, we don't work with some products such as Pharmaceuticals & medicines, jewelry, and trees like the olive tree.

    How to work with Stykey?

    1.     Add: Copy and paste the URL link of the desired product(s) or upload an image
    2.     Contact Details: Fill in your contact information so our team can easily contact you
    3.     Confirmation: After you confirm all the provided details, click "submit"


    With Stykey, everything is trustworthy, easier, and more flexible. Our team can help you improve your business performance, increase your reach, and boost your sales. So, if you want to start your project, don't hesitate to contact us and we will take your business to a whole new level.

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