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    Repacking Service


    Why should I benefit from it?

    In international shipments, the size of the boxes determines the cost of the shipping. Since most of the suppliers do not have international service, they don’t consider the dimensional weight of the boxes while designing them. 

    If you allow us to do a Repack, after we receive the order from the supplier, we will move the order that you purchased to our boxes which are designed to be cost-effective. The cost saved will be applied to your account with a coupon which you can use in your next purchases from Stykey.com.


    How much will I save?

    We will give you a coupon for the 80% cost saved from the carrier. You can use it for your next purchases. This coupon will be valid for 60 days.


    Dimensions: 32*30*10 cm
Chargeable Weight: 1,92 kgs
Weight that transporter companies (carriers) will charge over: 2 kgs


    Dimensions: 38*35*10 cm
    Dimensions: 32*30*10 cm
    Chargeable weight: 2,66 kgs
    Chargeable weight: 1,92 kgs
    Rounded-up weight: 3 kgs
    Rounded-up weight: 2 kgs


    Weight saved after Repack: 33%

    The cost saved via DHL after Repack: From 50 USD to 25 USD (50%)

    The cost saved via Aramex after Repack: From 39 USD to 28 USD (28%)

    The cost saved via UPS after Repack: From 34 USD to 23 USD (33%)


    Note: In the example above, prices for Kuwait used. The cost you will save may change according to the product that you order and the destination country.


    How can I benefit from it?

    Our purpose is to provide you the best quality Turkish products for the best price. Another purpose of ours is also to avoid high shipping costs. That’s why we are implementing our “Repacking System”. 

    After you choose the products that you want to order, click “Yes” to our Repacking section as shown below.

    How do we do that?

    When the order arrives at our headquarters in Istanbul, we take a close look at the size of the packaging in comparison to the product inside it. After that, we take the time to lower your shipping cost by repacking your order to minimize the package’s volumetric weight while considering the safety of the products inside.