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    Interesting Facts You Must Know About Turkish Tea and Coffee

    Interesting Facts You Must Know About Turkish Tea and Coffee

    Coffee tastes better if you know the history of the coffee you’re drinking. It makes every sip more meaningful because you know how it was made, its culture, and its significance in the country it came from. Today, we will take you to the land of Turkey, where coffee and strong black tea are famous.  

    People from Turkey take the preparation and consumption of tea and coffee very seriously. It has become an integral part of Turkish culture and daily life, so you can expect that Turkish tea and coffee will not disappoint you. 

    Here are some interesting facts you should know about Turkish coffee and tea:

    1. Turkey Is among the World’s Top Five Tea-Growing Countries

    Turkish ‘Cay’ is Turkey’s tea. It has been present for a long time now and has been into hundreds of years of tradition. The tea also took Turkey as one of the world’s top five tea-growing countries, giving pride and a valuable contribution to Turkey’s economy. Turkey can produce about 6-10 percent of the world’s tea, and most of its tea is consumed domestically. 

    2. Turks Can Consume Turkish Cay All Day

    You’ll be surprised how the Turks can consume the Turkish cay all day! They can have it starting breakfast until it’s time for bed. But usually, Turks have their tea or what they call ‘tea time’ between three and five in the afternoon. They love to pair it with delicious biscuits and cakes. 

    3. Employers in Turkey Are Required to Give Two Tea Breaks to Employees

    You might want to consider working in Turkey because you can have at least two tea breaks! The law requires all workplaces in Turkey to grant or allow employees with at least two tea breaks within the working day. If the company has a newcomer, it’s natural for the Turks to offer ready-to-drink tea since it’s part of their culture. 

    4. Turkey Has This Popular Turkish Tea Garden

    If you’re a tourist visiting Turkey for the first time, you must not miss out on their famous Turkish tea garden. Their tea gardens are where people can spend their time socializing while drinking a cup of tea or Turkish coffee. It’s a spot where old friends meet, couples date, or do any activity you can think of under the sun. 

    You can find Turkish tea gardens along the Bosphorus, in old Istanbul’s narrow winding side streets, and the touristic cities along the Aegean.  

    5. Coffee Houses Are Frequented Only by Men

    One of Turkey’s interesting facts is that their coffee shops are often visited by men only. If you’re a woman and visit one of their coffee shops, you will melt at people’s gazes before you can even finish your coffee. Drinking coffee in a coffee shop is a whole lot different experience, so if you really want to enjoy a coffee house experience, Turkey has a women-only coffee house in the touristic Aegean town of Bodrum.


    Turkey has a lot of cultures to offer, especially with their tea and coffee. Their culture is so fascinating that every sip of their Turkish tea and coffee will always be an experience. Turkish tea and coffee is a must-try, especially after knowing these interesting facts about how they take coffee and tea seriously in their country. 

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