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    Importance of Choosing a Shipping Partner for your E-commerce Business

    Importance of Choosing a Shipping Partner for your E-commerce Business

    Importance of Choosing a Shipping Partner for your E-commerce Business

    Having an e-commerce business isn't just about building your online shop and adding your products but also about having a reliable shipping service. If you have poor shipping service, you will definitely affect your brand image even if you have the best products in the market.


    If a purchase is made through your website, it won't be a successful one until you it reaches your customer safely. So, choosing a reliable shipping partner is a critical aspect of your success.


    So, how can you choose a professional shipping partner that gives you maximum profits?

    Reliable and Convenient

    It is better to partner with one professional shipping company instead of working with different companies. You will be definitely looking for low rates, especially if you're a startup. They may be affordable but their services are slow or they use poor packaging items. Remember that the condition of your delivered products is as important as their quality. So, partnering with one reliable company will make your operations smoother and help you increase customer satisfaction.

    Can Handle Everything

    Your shipping partner should handle everything for you as soon as your products leave from your side. This should include packaging, tracking information, and delivering the product safely to the customer's doorstep in perfect condition. Of course, the efficiency of this service depends on the shipping company you pick, so it is better to choose wisely. That way you can focus on your business and not burden yourself with shipping issues.

    Creates Positive User Experience

    More than 90% of customers choose to get back and make a second purchase after a positive delivery experience. On the contrary, if your customers face a problem with deliverables, they won't return for more purchases even though you offer quality products. So, having a reliable shipping service turns your visitors into loyal customers, enhancing your business image and boosting sales.

    Provides Customized Shipping Solutions

    50% of users stated that they don't complete a purchase due to poor or few delivery options. So, it is important that your shipping partner provides good delivery options to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. A reliable shipping partner provides some advantages such as security and shipping to all locations, even if these addresses are a bit difficult or remote.


    Also, they should be able to handle international shipping, including customs, transit, and security procedures. Shipping internationally isn't easy so a professional shipping partner will make the process hassle-free for you.


    Without a question, shipping plays an important part in the success of your e-commerce store, whatever your business size. Choosing a professional company brings you some peace of mind while you focus on running your business. Take your time before you choose a shipping company as it will deeply impact your business image and customer retention.


    At Stykey, we understand the importance of shipping for the entire e-commerce business. As we are looking for our customer's satisfaction and comfort, we give special attention to our shipping process. And, that's the key to our success in Turkey. 


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