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    Best e-commerce sites

    Best e-commerce sites

    Best e-commerce sites


    Now, Most people prefer to buy online through e-commerce platforms to save time and effort, search for different goods and buying them through websites has become much easier and has many features, most of which are:

    • You can know the product specifications accurately.

    • You can also find out the reviews of the product you are searching for through the previous customers' experiences and opinions about the product.

    • Compare the prices of similar products from different brands.

    • In case of purchasing large products such as electrical appliances and furniture you do not incur the trouble of shipping them, they will be delivered to your door.

    • The price of products in e-commerce stores is often cheaper than the usual stores where e-commerce platforms do not incur the same expenses as ordinary stores as rent, electricity, and labor. This will be back in the customer's interest through offers, discounts and points programs.

    • The replacement and return policy is clear and is applied easier and saves a lot of time and effort.

    Now, before purchasing any product you usually start first by searching for this product online and collecting information about it, and knowing the different prices to get the best deal.


    Turkey is one of the countries that rely on online shopping almost entirely, you will find many online shopping websites selling different kinds of products.

    whatever the product you are willing to buy, from gifts, roses, or food products to clothing, footwear, accessories, books, and second-hand clothing until we reach electrical appliances, cooking tools, and furniture, you will find more than one online shopping website selling it.


    There are also some platforms that are known to gather many of these products in one place.


    Turkey is also known to be a top-tier country with a variety of goods, quality, and competitive prices, so it also finds that it is at the forefront of exporting countries and traders are reluctant to buy Turkish goods wholesale. Therefore, Turkish e-commerce websites provide special programs for wholesalers at different prices and also provide them with international shipping of products and product delivery services to different countries around the world.


    Turkey's premium location greatly facilitates shipping and trade with many countries of the world and also contribute to reducing shipping costs.


    We will now list the most popular online shopping websites for Turkish goods in respect of each of them and their advantages:

    1. “Trendyol”

    Turkey's most popular online shopping site offers a wide range of Turkish and international clothing brands as well as many brands for shoes, bags, cosmetics and accessories.


    You can also find some electrical appliances and it has a separate grocery section.

    The most important feature is the ease of dealing with the website as it has an app that can be downloaded for both android and IOS.

    The site will ship and deliver the products in a short period of 3 to 7 days at most.


    1. “Hepsiburada”

    The second most popular Turkish online shopping sites also provide a wide variety of Turkish goods as well as providing books and novels.


    1. “n11”

    One of the modern Turkish online shopping platforms, it has won great success and is widespread rapidly because it contains many Turkish goods, and it is popular with important tools of the kitchen, homeware, and electronics.

    This platform also offers great offers and discount coupons and offers competitive prices for products.


    1. “Amazon Turkey”

    Amazon offers a wide variety of products at competitive prices, but its popularity in Turkey is not the same as that of America and some other countries.

    the Turkish online shopping websites are most popular and more preferably used by Turkish people than Amazon's website.

    There are some other e-commerce  platforms also famous in Turkey but they specialize in specific types of goods, the most important of which are:


    • Sahibinden


    This platform specializes in selling or purchasing second-hand products as clothes, electronics, home appliances, cars, etc.


    • Biletix


    It is the most popular website for selling tickets for concerts, plays and important events in Turkey.


    • Bookdepository

    • Kitapyurdu

    The most popular Turkish websites specialize in selling books, it provides a wide variety of books available in all languages.


    • Nadir Kitap

    The site is dedicated to the sale of rare and ancient books, you will find more than 9 million ancient books, including a large collection of books dating back to the Ottoman era.


    • Ciceksepeti

    This website specializes in selling gifts, accessories, and roses through which you can send a gift or package of roses to one of your friends or family and can choose a customized gift specifically made for you.


    Many of Turkey's most popular and used online shopping sites have been mentioned. 


    Most of these platforms share that they provide their services directly to the consumer and also to wholesalers,  also you can order from them from different countries around the world and not only in Turkey. As mentioned earlier, Turkey's premium location makes shipping easy and affordable.



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